"Veligor", the publishing house of spiritual and esoteric literature
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Ayazaga Mah. Mimar Sinan Sk. Seba office №: 21D\45 Sariyer\Istanbul
On weekdays from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
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Publishing house

The publishing house "Veligor" was founded in 1997.

We have been publishing esoteric literature for over 20 years. Despite all the economic crises, we keep going about our job and are successful in business. Currently, our esoteric publishing house is entering the global level.

We always strive to convey to our readers information designed to help them find solutions to the most important issues related to self-development and finding ways to participate in the modern world. Thanks to the hard work of the entire staff of our publishing house and our joint efforts, we now see how much our team has managed to achieve in recent years.

In our publishing house, almost everything has changed for the better, from the improved quality of our products, thanks to our use of new technologies, to a significantly increased range of goods.

From the very beginning, the publishing house "Veligor" has been specializing in the publication of esoteric literature, focusing on practical work so that our readers can practice on their own.

We publish ancient manuscripts, folios and projects of modern adepts of magic working in various fields of esotericism, helping them to convey knowledge to readers in a simple and accessible form.

Our site has many sections:

➖ Shamanic practices
➖ Astrology
➖ Psychology
➖ Spiritual realization
➖ Alternative medicine
➖ Healing
➖ Dowsing
➖ Tarot reading
➖ Runes reading
➖ Ancient slavic culture

These sections will give you unlimited opportunities for personal practice in the field of knowledge that interests you. Here you will find over 1000 titles of books.

We pay the main attention to the spiritual development of an individual, realization of his or her personal potential in profession and in society, as well as the restoration of traditions that have been lost over time. The material provided by our authors is unique. By applying this knowledge, our readers can actively develop.

Francis Bacon wrote: "Books are ships of thought, wandering through the waves of time and carefully carrying their precious cargo from generation to generation." So, we wish you an pleasant and insightful voyage, during which you will achieve self-realization through the most valuable cargo in the world. Let every line of our books be your guiding star that will lead you to freedom and help you develop your creativity.

Best wishes,

All the team of the publishing house "VELIGOR".